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Meet Yin & Yang. Bound by underlying values, we’re a small but mighty team of two with very different yet complementary perspectives. Tamara and Felice have worked together for over a decade, found compatibility in their design approach, skills and interests

As an owner-operated studio, we (the Directors) will be with you every step of the way, answering your calls, creating innovative design, pivoting quickly with the project (if necessary), going onsite and building a great relationship with you!

Felice Burrows

Director / Architect

Felice is the dreamer, the doer, the extrovert, the weekend adventurer, the slightly left of centre, and the non-conformist. Intuitive, bold, and hands-on, Felice once left Perth to climb a mountain in Russia before moving to India where she designed and project managed the construction of a brand new school in an undeveloped area— and completely thrived. With over 10 years experience and an interest in the art of construction, Felice has excelled in diverse projects spanning hospitality, commercial, residential, government, and educational sectors. 

Her distinctive strength lies in her holistic perspective on projects. She adeptly amalgamates project intricacies with client requisites and forward-looking insight, resulting in a coherent and distinct culmination. At the heart of Felice’s architectural philosophy is a human focus, channelling design to its elemental essence. Her enthusiasm is dedicated to utilizing design’s intricate balance of complexity and simplicity to cultivate inclusiveness. Felice’s acumen extends to an earnest comprehension of clients and their needs, underpinned by her hands-on engagement.

  • Architect Registration ABWA 2938
  • MArch(prof)hons / BArch – University of Auckland NZ
  • Association of Consulting Architects – Committee Member
  • The Anganwadi Project – Board Member
  • Greenstar Associate

Tamara Brestovac

Director / Architect

Tamara is the strategist, the intellectual, the introvert, the perfectionist, and the ruminator. Meticulous, conscientious, and with a taste for the finer things, Tamara moved to Perth from Eastern Europe as a child and, through passion and fortitude, turned her knack for design and art history into a fruitful career designing influential buildings and spaces across the education, government, and residential sectors. Now a mother, senior architect and business owner, she divides her time between looking after her twin boys at home before racing to the studio where she designs homes, amongst other things! 

Boasting over decade of experience as an Architect, Tamara’s role spans across diverse sectors, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of commercial, heritage, and public realm ventures within both government and private domains. At her core, Tamara embodies meticulous organization, centering her approach around the needs of clients and consultants. Her passion resonates strongly with the principles of social and environmental sustainability, as well as the artful curation of spaces that exude a superlative quality.

  • Architect Registration ABWA 2844
  • MArch / BEnvDes – University of Western Australia WA

Our approach

01. Discovery

We invest time into understanding you first; your needs, vision, concerns, budget, existing built form, community, values and environment.

02. Concept

We turn the insights from the discovery phase into an initial concept which aims to resolve hurdles and capitalise on opportunities.

03. Refine

Here is where we can refine the ideas to ensure we deliver the best possible result. It provides the foundation for the final design.

04. Design

We create an on-point strategic design, and consult engineers, suppliers, and builders, to allow for a seamless building phase.

05. Transfer

We help negotiate the builder’s timeframes, methodologies, and special requirements, ensuring everything is in place for commencement.

06. Build

We’ll access claims, attend to queries, ensure the project is running on time and budget, coordinate inspections and ensure the end product is perfect.

07. Finish

A fine finish is the essential cherry on top. We help you take advantage of other opportunities, consulting on suppliers, lighting, and furniture.

08. Celebrate

After a long and sometimes challenging project, we can cheers a glass and revel in the delight of your newly transformed space.

What our clients say

“I was renovating and I needed someone to bring big ideas, project manage it all, and help me invest wisely and not over capitalise. Ultimately I needed a studio who could provide an end-to-end project delivery with a functional design that didn’t involve massive changes to the existing layout. When I met and discussed my brief with Architects&Co I felt we were definitely on the same page. They were a great team with very complementary skills. They were personable and stylish with amazing spreadsheets. They understood my brief, offered great design ideas, and made great on-budget recommendations, which I still love 2 years on!”

Henrietta Farrell

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